Storm In The Night (FIAR)

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I finished up another Five in a Row book with the boys a few weeks ago: Storm in the Night by Mary Stolz and Pat Cummings. This book was really neat. We got to study weather and that is always fun!




(Please note: this post contains lessons from the FIAR manual AND activities that were added by me.)


Storm in the Night is about a young boy and his grandfather talking together as a thunderstorm is going on outside. The young boy is afraid of the storm and the grandfather helps him overcome his fear by telling him a story of when he was young and was afraid of storms.

We placed our story disk on South Carolina at first, because we live in SC and we know that there are thunderstorms just like the one in the book. The book does not talk about a specific location. We ended up moving our disk though, because we read the sequel to this book (Go Fish) and realized that they live in Florida!




This book gave us an opportunity to talk about grandparents and our relationship with them. We also talked about fears and overcoming them. Then we moved onto Language and talked about the Setting and Scenes. In this book, the setting changes from inside the house to the front porch. We added “Changing the Scenes” to our list of choices a writer can make. For Language, we also talked about Contrast, Punctuation, Italics as well as a few new vocabulary words. There were a lot of Language lessons on this book, but we only chose about half of them to work on.

We also started a weather graph on day one so we could chart our weather while doing this book. Flash loves doing things like that, so he had a lot of fun with that one. He was faithful to fill it out every single day, even on the weekend when I forgot. (We spent 2 weeks on this book)

The Art lessons we chose were on Medium (it was oil or acrylic paint), Expressing Darkness and Light and Reflections. We looked through the book at the sources of light and how the illustrator showed light in different ways. This book takes place mostly in the dark because the storm was at night and the electricity went out until the end of the book. We also looked at the different places in the book where they showed reflections of things off of glass and other shiny objects.

Each day we read a different go-along book about Weather that I had gotten either from the library or our own collection.

To start our second week on this book, we worked on the Math lesson on Geometry. We looked at the quilt that was on the bed in one picture. We looked at the different shapes on it and talked about the names of all the shapes. We got out our geo-boards and used rubber bands to make cook shapes. They had a lot of fun with that.


img_4593 img_4592




I found a really neat (and free!) printable packet on weather at this website: 123 Homeschool 4 Me. So I printed out a few worksheets from that for us to do. They did one that was titled “My Favorite Weather” and drew a picture of them in their favorite weather. Then we did one about temperatures around the world. Flash loves looking up weather and so he really enjoyed this one. We had been watching the Olympics during this unit and Rio happened to be on this list, so that made it even more cool!




We spent one school day learning about clouds. We used these books:




Here are some of the other weather books we used:






The Bible lessons were on fear and trusting God, which went really well with the theme of this book.

So that finished up our time with Storm in the Night. This was a great book and we really enjoyed it!





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