The Boxcar Children, Chapter 8 (BYFIAR)

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Popstar finished up another chapter in her Boxcar Children book for Beyond Five in a Row for school. She finished Chapter 8 a few weeks ago. Chapter 8 is called “A Swimming Pool at Last” and in this chapter, the children build a “swimming pool” and also find an abandoned chicken’s nest and end up with 5 eggs that they use to make a delicious dinner.

We spent 3 school days on this chapter.

Day One: Popstar began with reading the chapter and answering the Writing/Discussion Questions in her notebook. Then we moved onto the History/Geography lesson on Bells as Signals. We talked about using dinner bells to call people in for meals and also other ways that people have used bells for signals over the years. It was a very interesting lesson.

After that, we went over a few Science lessons. The first one was on Measuring. We learned about different ways that we measure things. The other Science lesson was on Dams. We looked up some info on the internet about how Dams are built and why they are necessary.


Day Two: We went over the Bible lessons. Then focused on two more Science lessons on Eggs and Calories. We talked about what calories are and looked at food labels on items in our pantry to see how many calories are in our food.

Then we learned about eggs. We learned about the different parts of an egg and how they are different Grades and Sizes. We looked at our carton in the fridge to see what size and grade our eggs were. I had hard boiled some eggs especially for this lesson. So we looked at both a raw egg and a cooked egg. We used a magnifying glass and then we held them both up to a flashlight and realized that the light shines through a raw egg, but not a hard boiled egg.

Also we tried the two experiments listed in the manual. We put a raw egg in a bowl of water and it sank. Then we added salt until it began to float. That was pretty cool. Then we took one of the hard boiled eggs and tried the other experiment. We took the shell off and found a glass bottle and dropped two lighted matches down inside and quickly put the egg at the opening. It was supposed to suck the egg in, but I think our container’s opening was too small. It never sucked the egg all the way in, but we could see that it was trying to! This was really neat.








Day Three: We went over the Human Relationship lesson on being flexible & having fun. Then we did the Vocabulary words. Popstar copied several of them down in her notebook.

The last thing we did was the Fine Arts lesson on Drawing a Scene. Popstar drew a picture of the children playing in the pool and cooking dinner over the fire.




That finished up Chapter 8, moving on to Chapter 9 next!




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