Happy Birthday to our “Hulk”!!!!

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We celebrated a birthday at our house last weekend! Our 3rd child, who we lovingly call Hulk on this blog (He chose that name, by the way and it actually suits him very well) turned 7 last week! It is so hard to believe 7 years have gone by since he was born. He is such an energetic, high-spirited and extremely strong willed little boy. He keeps me constantly on my toes. I always say that he is my biggest challenge in child raising, but he also brings me such joy. He is so sweet and gentle with animals and babies and he is not afraid of anything. He’s not afraid to talk to people or stand up for himself. He makes us laugh so much! I’m extremely proud of the wonderful young man is he turning into and I’m so thankful God gave him to me to be his Mommy. I cherish every moment!

Here’s my little guy when he was only 4 months old. He sure was a cutie, wasn’t he?



Here he is now on his 7th birthday! My little man is growing up!



We celebrated by having some family over and having cake and ice cream. He helped me make his cake! Daddy and I also took him out to dinner all by himself. That is a treat that we’ve started doing for birthdays the last year. Since we don’t go out to eat very often, this is a special treat for them to look forward to. They get to choose the restaurant as well. He chose Golden Corral. It was delicious and a lot of fun for all three of us!







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