Jenny’s Surprise Summer (B4FIAR)

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Princess and I finished up her Before Five in a Row book,  Jenny’s Surprise Summer a little while ago. I was super excited to do this one, as it is definitely one of my favorites in the Before series! I enjoyed doing this one with Popstar and Flash so much and really loved doing it with Princess this time. This will be my last child doing Before with and that makes me a little sad, but I’m trying to make the most out of each book for both myself and her. We had a lot of fun with this one.




(Please note: this post contains lessons from the FIAR manual AND activities that were added by me.)


Jenny’s Surprise Summer  by Eugenie is a Little Golden Book about a young girl named Jenny who spends the summer with her Grandma at her beach house. She finds two lost kittens and takes care of them. When it’s time to return to the city where she lives with her parents, she has to decide which kitten to take with her and which to leave with her Grandma.

It is such a sweet story and there are so many fun things to learn about with this one! We learned about kittens, pets, the beach, shells, the ocean, caves, thunderstorms, summer, grandparents and animals to name the biggest ones.

First, we started with cats/kittens. We looked at books about them and added a few items to our lapbook about cats. (We got the lapbook HERE for free at  We talked about what cats need and talked about pets. We got a lot of books about cats from the library and I also pulled out all the ones we own as well. Popstar actually read a lot of them to her at bedtime, that is a little routine that they do together.




To go along with cats, we also did a little cat craft that I found. It was really neat because the two cats are the same colors as Smoky and Pumpkin in the book. She had a lot of fun doing this.




Also to go along with cats, I had gotten her this little Dover book of cat stickers. I got them on Amazon. (HERE) We added a few of them to her lapbook. She was so excited!




We talked about Vacations and read a Little Golden Book I had gotten years ago called Summer Vacation. It’s a cute little story about two boys who go on vacation with their families. We got out a few of our vacation photo books and looked at them and talked about the fun times we had.

We talked about Summer one day and added another item about that to our lapbook. We talked about how do we know it’s summer and how people dress in the summer different from winter.

One day, for a special treat I gave Princess her own little bag of Goldfish, since we were learning about fish. We don’t normally buy Goldfish, they can get expensive when you have 4 kids who love to snack! So this really was a special treat for her.




We spent one day learning about caves (Jenny hides out in a cave during a thunderstorm!). We talked about what lives in a cave and added an item to her lapbook about caves. We had a lot of fun acting out the story. I made a pretend cave with blankets and got two of her stuffed cats and we pretended she was Jenny. It was so much fun. She really loves acting out the stories, that’s probably her most favorite thing to do! Here she is hiding in her cave with her two kittens!




The boys were doing Storm in the Night at the same time Princess was doing Jenny’s Surprise Summer, so she followed along with the lessons about storms and weather that I was doing with them. We talked some about weather and what to do in a storm and what happens during a storm.

We spent one day on the Beach, Ocean and Shells. We read some books about shells and got out all the shells we’ve collected over the years and played with them. She had fun looking at them and we talked about the animals who lived in them.




I let her pick out a few shells to paint and she really loved that! She also painted a coloring page of shells.


IMG_4603 IMG_4600


We read a lot of books about the beach and ocean. One day I made some blue jello and gave her some blue gummy sharks I had gotten for a special snack.








We spent one day learning about Ocean animals. I found this neat free printable game on this blog Toddler Approved. It was so much fun, even the older kids had a blast doing it! You print out the different animals and we laid the pages around the room. I played music and when the music stopped, they jumped onto an animal and had to act out the actions that animal does.

I had gotten these ocean animal lacing cards at the Dollar Tree several years ago and I got them out for her to do. She ended up making necklaces out of them!




The Bible lesson was about asking for wisdom, since Jenny needed to make a big decision about which kitten to take home and which to leave. We also talked about how Jenny didn’t get angry and yell at her parents, she was content with taking just one kitten home even though it was very hard to leave the other one. This is one of those character building lessons that I love!

Here is the lapbook we made using the components from the homeschoolshare free printable that I linked above. She decorated the front with some fish stickers I had gotten at the Dollar Tree.






So that was about it for Jenny’s Surprise Summer! We spent two weeks on this one and it was so much fun! I hope you enjoy reading about our school and I would love to hear what you are doing in your own school! Please feel free to comment!

Princess is moving onto a study from on Harry The Dirty Dog. That one is going to be a lot of fun!





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