The Boxcar Children, Chapter 7 (BYFIAR)

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Popstar finished up Chapter 7 of The Boxcar Children for her Beyond Five in a Row for school a few weeks ago. Chapter 7 is called “A Big Meal from Little Onions” and in this chapter, Henry goes to work for Dr. Moore. He works in their garden thinning vegetables and earns a little money and also brings home a bunch of the vegetables he worked on for them to eat. While he is at work, Jessie and Benny build a new fireplace. When Henry gets home, they make a stew for supper. Henry goes back to work after that for Dr. Moore. This time, he works on organizing the garage. He earns more money and a hammer and is very excited. After dinner, he takes the wheels Benny had gotten at the dump and uses the hammer to build a cart.

We spent only 2 school days on this chapter.

Day One: Popstar read the chapter and did her Writing/Discussion Questions in her notebook. Then we went over a Science lesson on Classification and Organization. We talked about classifying animals as well as how to organize things around the house. After that, we moved on to a Language lesson on Literary Enrichment. We talked about the story classic story, Stone Soup since the children had a stew for supper and then we read the story. This is a wonderful story, I love it! There is also an episode of Little House on the Prairie (Season 8) where Ma tells the story to the school children.




Day Two: We went over the Bible lesson and then moved onto another Language lesson on comparing and contrasting. We talked about being a good worker versus a bad worker and then tied that in with the Human Relationships lesson on being a good worker. We talked about what qualities a good worker should have and made a list. We also went over one other Language lesson on Point of View. We talked about how this chapter follows Henry’s point of view and how it would’ve been different if the author had written it from one of the other children’s point of view.

We didn’t really do any hands on activities with this lesson, so I don’t have very many photos to share this time!

We’re moving on to Chapter 8!




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