Week 4 of the Fast Food Challenge

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We’ve come to week four of the fast food challenge. We did really good all week up until Saturday! This weekend we’ve been celebrating Hulk’s birthday (Our 2nd boy, just a reminder that he chose his own nickname and honestly it suits him very well). He turns 7 on Monday! So we’ve started celebrating each of our kids birthdays by taking them out to dinner by themselves, to their choice of restaurant. It is something they love and look forward to so much. We were going to wait until next weekend, but decided to go ahead and take him. 

He chose Golden Corral as where he wanted to eat and we spent around $40 for the three of us. But I think that is pretty good considering that is all we spent for the entire month!  There are only 3 more days left in August and we have a menu plan set for this week, so I think we’re all set to finish the month out.

Since we worked so hard to not spend money on fast food or take out this month, we were able to set aside money for this Christmas. It feels good to have that money in the bank and know that we don’t have to worry about affording a nice Christmas for our kids.

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We are so blessed, when you think about it. So many people in the world are starving and sick and dying and yet we have all that we need and more. God is so good to us.




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