The Boxcar Children, Chapter 6 (BYFIAR)

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Popstar finished up Chapter 6 of The Boxcar Children for her Beyond Five in a Row for school a few weeks ago. We had a lot of fun with this chapter. Chapter 6 is called “A Queer Noise in the Night and in this chapter, the boxcar children have a nice meal of brown bread, milk and dried meat. Henry tells the others about his day. He had gone into a town called Silver City and ended up getting work mowing grass and other odd jobs. After they finish their meal and it starts to get dark, they hear  a strange sound in the woods. After listening for awhile, they decide it was just an animal in the woods and are able to fall asleep.

We spent 2 school days on this chapter.

Day One: Popstar read the chapter and answered the Writing/Discussion Questions in her notebook. Then we went over the Language Lesson on learning to write in chapters. We didn’t do any practicing on this, just read over the lesson. After that, we moved onto History and Geography. We learned about Pioneer Life in America. I had done an entire year of Pioneer Life two school years ago with Popstar and Flash when we did the Prairie Primer, Little House Study. Besides that, she has read so many books about Pioneers. So we just briefly read over the lesson in the FIAR manual. It talked about how people in pioneer days made their own bread and butter. So we decided to make some butter!

All 4 of the kids wanted to get in on this activity! We used mason jars and put a little heavy cream in them. Then we shook and shook them for about 15 minutes or so. I added a few marbles because I had done this before when we did the Little House Study. The only problem was that I had used plastic containers the last time and didn’t think about these being glass! So Hulk’s mason jar got broken from the marbles! Oh well…live and learn right? We cleaned up the mess and then switched everyone over to plastic containers! Everyone wanted to add coloring, so we ended up with pink, blue and green butter!








The butter went great with the Science lesson we also covered that day on the difference in white and brown bread. I normally buy whole wheat (brown) bread for us to eat and for this lesson I also bought a loaf of white so we could try them both. We went over the lesson and talked about what the differences are and then we tried some of each with the butter we had made. That was a lot of fun.


Day Two: On the second day, we covered the Bible lesson which was on Fear. After that we went over the Human Relationships lesson on Generosity. I love going over these character building lessons and how we can learn from our books how to treat other people and think about our own character.

Next we moved onto the Science lesson on Inventions, the Lawn Mower in particular. We learned about the “old time” first lawn mowers and talked about the difference in motorized lawn mowers. We looked up videos of people using both on youtube. We both agreed that the old ones would’ve been a lot harder to use!

The last lesson we covered in this chapter was Fine Arts, Making a Collage. We talked about Fear some and how the children in the chapter were afraid of the noise they heard at night. We talked about how art can show emotion and we made a collage in order to show emotion. Princess always has to join in with arts and crafts, and so her and Popstar worked together on this.  We used feathers, buttons and sparkle sequins.






So that finished our two days with Chapter 6. Moving onto Chapter 7!





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