The Boxcar Children, Chapter 5 (BYFIAR)

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Popstar finished up Chapter 5 of the Boxcar Children for her Beyond Five in a Row for school a little while ago. I admit I am a few chapters behind on this, but at least I’m trying!

Chapter 5 is called “The Explorers Find Treasure” and in this chapter the children use the waterfall near the boxcar as a refrigerator to keep their food cold, specifically milk. Henry sets out to find a job. While he’s gone, the other children head to the “dump” to find what they can use around the house. They find dishes, cups, spoons and wheels and bring them home. They surprise Henry when he gets home and Henry builds a fire for dinner.

There were lots of neat lessons to go along with this chapter. We spent 3 school days on Chapter 5. 

(Please note: this post contains lessons from the FIAR manual AND activities that were added by me.)

Day One: To start with, Popstar read the chapter and did her Writing/Discussion Questions in her notebook. Then we moved onto the Science lessons about Milk and Sterilization. We learned about how Louis Pasteur came up with pasteurizing milk and how it is done. We had studied Louis Pasteur the other year when we did the Prairie Primer (Little House on the Prairie Study) and so we got our biography of him out and looked over it. I had Popstar fill out an Inventer Bio sheet for her notebook on him. (I printed this sheet from the Five in a Row Notebook Builder that you can buy on their website as a digital download: HERE)




Then we learned about how and why boiling water sterilizes things and what an “autoclave” is. That part was neat because we actually saw an autoclave at the Veterinarian visit we had gone on at the beginning of the week and the Vet had actually pointed it out to us and showed us how it works!


Day Two: We went over the Bible lessons and the Vocabulary words. I had her choose 5-6 of them to copy into her notebook. After that, we went over the Fine Arts lesson on Recycled Art. Since the children had gotten items from the dump and used them for other things, we made something out of some items in our recycle bin. Popstar chose an old cereal box. We cut it down into the shape of a photo frame. She covered it with decorative washi tape and we printed out a picture that she chose and taped it onto the back. It turned out really beautiful!





Day Three:  On the last day, we went over two last Science lessons on building a campfire and rust. I had planned on us actually building a real campfire, but with the weather being so extremely HOT in August in South Carolina, that didn’t happen. We did build a campfire on our camping trip back in May so I knew she had been involved in that. I ended up having her look up a video on youtube on how to build a campfire as a refresher.

For the rust lesson we learned about rust because the children had cleaned the rust off the wheels they found at the dump. We learned about what rust is and what it looks like. Then I sent her outside to find something with rust on it. She did find a little and we tried to scrape a piece off to look at it under our microscope, but we never could get it into focus and so that didn’t turn out as I had planned. Oh well……


So that was about it for Chapter 5. We’re moving onto Chapter 6!




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