Back to School Blessings

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All the public schools started back this past week here in the Rock Hill, SC area. We had already started back in July, so we are now 6 weeks into our school year. Regardless of that, I always enjoy the “Back to School Blessing” Sunday at our church. They actually held it last Sunday before the kids all started school. It is such a special time for moms and dads. Our old pastor a few times actually had the parents pray over their own children, but this time they called them down in groups by age. They also prayed over the teachers and school workers, including homeschool parents as well. It really means a lot to me that our homeschool is prayed over and that our children are prayed over for the new school year, even though we school at home. Our children are still facing trials and situations although they may be different than those who go away from home for school.



Another thing our church does is to give the parents a little packet that has some prayer cloths and anointing oil in it so that parents can use it when they feel led to with their own families. I had already done this on our first day of starting our new school year. This year I had the kids do it with me and I even anointed them and prayed over each one of them for the coming school year. I anointed the prayer cloth and after we prayed over it, I hung it on the wall by the door of our school room. It is bright red and every time I see it, I am reminded that God is right there with us, walking with us through each and every day whether it is a good day or a rough one He knows what we’re going through. I am always comforted by this.




Prayer cloths have a lot of special meaning to me. Growing up my grandmother was a Pentecostal Evangelist. She was a very firm believer in Prayer Cloths. During some of her services, she would anoint them and pray over them and give them to people. Many years ago, she gave Jason one that she had prayed over that we would always have our needs met and our bills paid. To this day he carries it in his wallet and we’ve never had to go without. We’ve gone through rough financial times, but God has always provided for us. The prayer cloth is a symbol and I believe that the prayers prayed over them are carried with them wherever they go.

I just want to encourage you parents, whether you homeschool or your child goes to a local school, just pray over their school year that God will be with them through the year and will help them to continue to grow and learn. That they will have wisdom and an eagerness to learn and work hard at school. That if they do go away from home for school that God will protect them and keep them safe and that He will put good friends and teachers in their lives. And if you do homeschool, pray over your school year that God will bless it and bless you and your children and that you will have a great school year. James 5:16 says “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

I pray that God will bless your school year and that you and your children will have a great year!




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