Mouse Paint, Mouse Count & Mouse Shapes (Preschool)

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I found a wonderful Preschool study on the Mouse Paint book series, including Mouse Paint, Mouse Count and Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh here on I knew this would be perfect for Princess for this school year! We had a fun time and it wasn’t really anything complicated, we just focused on Colors for a few days, Counting & Numbers for a few days and Shapes for a few days. I pulled out all the books I had on colors, counting/numbers and shapes and also checked out a bunch from the library as well.



We started off with Mouse Paint for the first few days. We read the book together and used these go-along cut outs that I had found on storytime katie in her flannelboards section. There are tons of really neat printables on there, by the way! Princess had a lot of fun using these, so it was worth the time cutting them out & coloring them!




After that we mixed paint just like the mice in the story did. We used plastic zip baggies. In one, I put yellow and blue, in another red and blue and in another yellow and red. She squished them together until the colors blended and then we used them for painting. It actually worked out really well because I was able to just toss the baggies in the trash when we were done and there wasn’t much mess to clean up!





IMG_4226     IMG_4223


The next day, I played all the color songs I could find on the Preschool CD’s I’ve collected over the years and I let her watch the Color songs on this video, Baby Songs.  I got this video when Popstar was only about 2 years old and all my kids have LOVED it! Princess enjoyed all the songs on it so much!  

We also did some color puzzles, made the “My Color Book” that is included with the unit on homeschoolshare and had fun sorting paint cards from Home Depot.



Popstar did a lot of the activities with Princess. She makes a wonderful big sis/teacher! She did a color scavenger hunt with her that was also included in the study on homeschoolshare. As well as a few other color worksheets and read her tons of books about colors.








We spent the next few days on Mouse Count. We did a lot of the fun activities in the study on homeschoolshare and also added a few things of our own. We played with our Leap Frog Magnetic ABC & Numbers set. I looked this up on Amazon and the exact one we have is older and I don’t think they make it anymore but there is a new version. We’ve had ours for probably 10 years.




Popstar made the “My Numbers Book” that came with the study on homeschoolshare with her and they used a bunch of number stickers and practiced counting. We also did some numbers puzzles.






We played a counting game that was included in the study as well. Daddy did that with her when he was home for lunch one day! (We’re so blessed that Daddy gets to come home from work for lunch these days!)




We also read lots of counting and numbers books!






Lastly we spent a few days on Mouse Shapes. We tried to do some of the activities in the study on homeschoolshare and also added a few things of our own. I had this fun little shape blocks with holes in them for threading string through as well as a little worksheet I had made years ago using stencils and felt. I just traced these shapes onto the paper and then onto felt and cut them out as a little match up game. Princess enjoyed both of these.




I had some shape stickers and I let her use them to cover a piece of paper with all the different shapes. Also, I had a little busy bag activity using shapes. It was pieces of cardboard with different shapes on them using hot glue that hardened. You place a sheet of paper over it and then use a crayon and color over it, sort of like leaf rubbings. It was pretty fun, but she needed a lot of help with this one.


IMG_4410  IMG_4408


And as with the others, we read lots of books about shapes!




That was about all we did for Mouse Paint, Mouse Count and Mouse Shapes. It really was a great study with a lot of neat ideas on how to learn about colors, counting and shapes. We enjoyed it very much and I would recommend it to anyone who has a preschooler. I love homeschoolshare, we’ve used that website and done many of the book studies on it!

Princess is moving onto her next Before Five in a Row book, Jenny’s Surprise Summer. I can’t wait for this one, it’s one of my favorites!





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