The Boxcar Children, Chapter 4 (BYFIAR)

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Popstar finished up Chapter 4 of The Boxcar Children for her Beyond Five in a Row for school. Chapter 4 is called “Henry Has Two Surprises” and in this chapter, the children find a dog and take care of him because he was hurt. They pick some blueberries for supper and Henry comes home from town with some food for them. They decide to make beds out of pine needles.

We spent 3 school days on this chapter.

Day One: Popstar read the chapter and answered the Writing/Discussion Questions in her notebook. For History and Geography, we learned about Evergreen Trees and where they are grown the most. Combining that information along with what we learned about where blueberries grow, we decided that the Boxcar Children may live in Maine!


Day Two: We went over the Vocabulary lesson and Popstar added the new words to her notebook. We also read over the Bible Lessons, one of them talked about how God expects us to take care of animals. We spent some time learning about different breeds of dogs and dog care. The book in the photo below called Album of Dogs is really neat because it is stories about each different breed of dogs. Popstar really liked that one.




We used our Draw Write Now books and drew a picture of a dog.







We used some good library books and also learned about Veterinarians and how they take care of animals.




Later on we ended up being able to go visit a real Veterinarian to go along with the Career Path lesson. We went and visited a local Vet here in Rock Hill and he talked to the kids about what Vets do and what all you have to do in order to become a Vet. Then he showed them all around the office and all the equipment they use. It was pretty neat! By the way, Popstar loves animals and has been talking about becoming a vet one day but after our visit, she decided that she does NOT want to be a vet now! This was the only picture I was able to get during our visit!





Day Three: We covered 2 Art lessons. The first one was on Maps. Popstar drew a “map” of what she thought the boxcar children’s home looked like with the boxcar and their little yard with the blueberry bushes and the stream.




And another Art lesson  we did was on Handmade Watercolors with Berries. We used some blueberries and made watercolors and painted with them. This tied in really well with the book Princess was doing at the same time, Blueberries for Sal. So we were able to all work together and it was actually fun! I did not use the directions in the Beyond manual for how to make the paint,  but I did use the instructions I found in the FIAR Fold ‘N Learn for Blueberries for Sal. They were a little bit simpler and easier for me. We added some water to the berries and cooked them in the microwave then mashed them up. Last, I strained the pulp out and we used what was left to paint!







So that was the end of our time with Chapter 4. I have to say, I am really enjoying Beyond FIAR even more than I thought I would! The lessons and activities just fit so perfectly with Popstar and I’m so thankful as always that we found this curriculum from the beginning! It just keeps getting better as the years go by.

We’re moving on to Chapter 5 next!





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2 thoughts on “The Boxcar Children, Chapter 4 (BYFIAR)

  1. I have really enjoyed following your blog! I have a ten year old. I am trying to decide if i should continue to use FIAR volume 1-4 with him and his 7 year old sister, or if I should move him on up to Beyond FIAR. Until what age did you row volumes 1-4 with your daughter?
    1. Hi Heidi! Thank you so much for your kind comment! I'm so glad you are enjoying my blog. We have taken our FIAR very slowly. I do Volumes 1-3 when they are in Kindergarten through about 4th grade. I did take one year off from FIAR to do the Prairie Primer with my older two (which was AWESOME!) and then picked up where we left off. My oldest did Volume 4 in 4th grade and 6th grade and now in 7th grade she is doing Beyond Volume 1. We're going to take it one Volume each year for Beyond. If it was me, I would keep him with his sister, especially Volume 4 because there is SO much to Vol. 4. We spent a month on each book for Volume 4. But that is just me and I know that all kids are different. I hope this helps you some! Have fun with FIAR! It has sure been great for our family over the years.

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