Are You Ready For A Challenge??

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A new month is approaching and this month Jason and I have decided to challenge ourselves to not spend any money on eating out or fast food meals for the entire month of August. So I thought I would invite you all to join us! We’ve done this challenge before and it can actually be a lot of fun. You can sort of make a game out of it to see how much money you can save.

We sometimes spend way too much money on food and right now we really want to save up a little extra cash for Christmas. It’s hard to believe that is just around the corner! So I’m really going to have to get my meal plans looking good for this month. I will stock up on frozen pizzas and things like that for super busy days. Also, I will expect to spend a little more at the grocery store but I don’t think it will be as much as buying fast food can cost for a family of 6!

I want to encourage you to challenge you and your family to see how much you can save this coming month by not eating out. You might be thinking, I could never do that. But if you just give it a try, you may be surprised. Your meals will be a lot healthier most likely and you may even have a chance to spend more family time with your kids and teach them a little about cooking and even menu planning.

So get your calendar out and start thinking about what meals you can make this month that your family will enjoy. Look for ways to double the recipe as well, so you can have leftovers and maybe even freeze some.

I would love to hear if anyone is doing the challenge with me and how it is going for you as we get started in 5 days from now! I will be posting about how it is going for us each week.



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2 thoughts on “Are You Ready For A Challenge??

  1. I can't quite do the complete challenge, but I will challenge us to not spend on fast food beyond our Saturday evening pizza night. (Our anniversary date out will be covered by gift cards from rewards points collected over the year.)
    1. Awesome! Thanks for your comment. We usually have take out on the weekend, but we are going to give it our best!

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