The Boxcar Children, Chapter 2 (BYFIAR)

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Popstar recently finished her second chapter in her Beyond Five in a Row book, The Boxcar Children.




(Please note: this post contains lessons from the FIAR manual AND activities that were added by me.)


We spent 3 school days on Chapter 2. Chapter 2 is called “Night Is Turned Into Day” and in this chapter, the children leave the bakery and find a large haystack to hide/sleep in. They sleep all day then get up in the evening and eat some bread. They find a fountain to get some water to drink out of. While they are eating, they hear the baker and his wife coming down the road. They are talking about the children and how they do not like children and that they would need to find somewhere for the children to go. The children are scared of the baker and his wife and so they stay away from them and hide in the woods.

Day One: We started with reading the chapter. Then we did the Writing/Discussion Question. Popstar is keeping a notebook with all of those where she writes down her answers. This is great for reading comprehension.

Next we worked on the lesson Fine Arts: Functional Design. We talked about the design of the fountain the children found water to drink from. It was an interesting fountain that had three levels, one up high for people, one in the middle for horses and one down low for dogs to drink from. I had Popstar design and draw a fountain.




Day Two: She read the Bible lesson, I have her do these independently. She also did the Vocabulary lesson. I had her copy down the words and definitions in her notebook. Then I had her read the Science lesson on Inventions and Discoveries and she made a list for her notebook of all the inventions she could think of.

Day Three: We covered the remaining Science lessons, which are Popstar’s favorite. Because of the fountain in this chapter, we focused on water. So we talked about the water cycle and I had her do an activity out of our Evan Moor Giant Science Resource Book. This has reproducible activity pages and we used the one on The Water Cycle. To demonstrate the water cycle, we did an experiment as described in the manual. We boiled some water in a tea kettle and when the steam began coming out, we held a glass over the opening. The glass fogged up and water started dripping down inside of it. It was a pretty neat way to show the kids how water changes.




We also learned about the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s and what happens when there is a severe drought. We added the Dust Bowl to our Timeline Notebook.

Next we learned about how water is a valuable resource. We talked about how that in some countries, people don’t have fresh water to drink at their fingertips and have to walk for miles just to get some. We talked about ways that we can try to conserve water. We did the experiment in the manual again to demonstrate how much water can be wasted so easily. I had Popstar brush her teeth and leave the water running. We kept the running water in cups and poured them into a gallon milk jug to see how much water was wasted. We ended up with around a half a gallon. Then we did some math. In our family, we have 6 people and if we all brushed our teeth twice a day and left the water run, in one week we would be wasting 42 gallons of water!




So that finished up our time with Chapter 2 of The Boxcar Children. We’re moving onto Chapter 3 next!





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