The Boxcar Children, Chapter 1 (BYFIAR)

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Beyond Five in a Row is laid out in chapters, so you read a chapter and then in the manual you have lessons to go along with that chapter. It covers Science, Social Studies, Art, Language and Bible. Popstar started her first Beyond book for school this week and since it is laid out by chapter, I will be doing a post about each chapter as we go along. Her first book is The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner from Beyond Five in a Row Volume 1.




(Please note: this post contains lessons from the FIAR manual AND activities that were added by me.)


We spent 3 school days working on Chapter 1. Chapter 1 is called “The Four Hungry Children” and in this chapter we meet 4 children who are all alone in a bakery buying some bread. They ask the baker if they can sleep on their couch in the bakery. She agrees but when the children lay down to sleep they overhear her talking to her husband about separating the children and they become scared. So they get up and leave in the middle of the night.

Day One: We started with reading the chapter. I read it to myself the night before so I would be familiar with what she would be reading and she read it on her own during school time. For each chapter there is a Writing and Discussion Question section. Popstar is making a folder with all of her activities from this book and so we talked about the question and wrote down her answers in that folder.

Next, we did the Science lesson on Meal Planning and Proper Nutrition. The children are buying and eating bread and so we talked about the food groups and how much we need of each one and why we need a balanced diet. Then we wrote out a menu for a full day of meals using the suggestions for each food group.


Day Two: We did some Language Arts lessons. We went over the Vocabulary Words. I had her write them down in her folder. Then we talked about the lesson on Creative Writing, using the element of mystery. Popstar wrote her own intro to a story using the advice in the manual.

After that we went over the lesson on Learning to Listen. When the children snuck out during the night, the older girl (Jessie)  told the younger girl (Violet) to get up and come with her. Violet quickly and quietly did just as Jessie told her to do. If she hadn’t, they may have ended up getting in trouble. She was a good listener and so we did an activity from the manual about learning to listen. I put a blindfold on Popstar and gave her directions on how to get to different places in the house and she had to listen to me or she might run into something. It was a lot of fun and of course all the kids had to give it a try and wanted me to have a turn as well!




Day Three: She read the Bible lesson in the Christian Character & Bible Supplement that goes along with Beyond. Then, we did the Science lesson about Health & Cleanliness. The children carry soap along with their other few belongings. So we talked about why soap is important and how it works.

We took a greasy pan and ran water over it then put soap on it and saw what a difference soap makes.




Since we were talking about cleanliness, we decided to do another little experiment. We took some q-tips and gathered a few “germ” samples from around the house and looked at them in our new microscope. It was pretty neat.




We really learned a lot in the lessons on chapter one. I’m excited about Popstar doing Beyond and I think it’s going to be a fun year! We’re on to Chapter 2 tomorrow!





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