Our Homeschool Room

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Our Homeschool Room has evolved over the years so much. I know I talked in a previous post about how we started homeschooling and I mentioned that we started in a corner of the living room. We called it our “School Corner” when Popstar and Flash were just doing fun Preschool activities.

It seems like over the years, it slowly took over our entire living room. It was manageable, but getting hard to deal with. We were always rearranging and trying to figure out the most efficient way to use our small space. That was just a way of life in our old house and we were content with life that way for many years.

But as the kids started growing bigger and bigger and bigger….we were really busting at the seams! God blessed us so much with our new house! Making do with an extremely small house for almost 10 years made us really appreciate our new house. When we started looking at houses, we knew that we needed some sort of school space. Each house we considered was laid our differently.

The first time we walked into the house we ended up buying, we both knew that it was “The One”. There is an extra living space off of the living room that is perfect for our school room. It even has built in cabinet/storage spaces and huge windows that brings in tons of sunshine. We are incredibly blessed and thankful for this new house, especially because of the school room. I never thought I would have a school room but I’m also very thankful for the years that I had to do without because that made me appreciate it so much more. Here are a few pictures of our school room.













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