Easy DIY Pencil Holder

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Hi friends! I made these super easy pencil holders for the kids to use on their desks for the new school year. They turned out really cute and were so easy to make! I thought I would share how I made them with you.





Here’s how I made them:

  1. I saved a few tin food cans, removed the labels and washed them out.
  2. Next I put masking tape over the edges along the top to avoid getting cut by the sharp metal.
  3. After that I cut out pieces of felt to fit the can and glued it on with tacky glue.  
  4. When the glue was dry, I personalized them for each child.


I used each of their favorite colors for the background and then added on hearts for the girls to match. Flash’s favorite color is green and he loves football, so I was inspired to make his look like a football field with a football on the front. It was very easy, I just cut out the shapes the best I could and glued them on. Hulk had picked out black for his background, so I thought the moon and stars would go neat with that. They all turned out really cute and the kids are very excited to use them on their new desks for school this year, which for begins tomorrow!

I hope you enjoyed this very simple, but fun and easy craft project. If anyone tries it, I would love to hear from you! What other crafts are you working on? Please comment!



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