DIY 4th of July Wreath

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I found this idea for an easy 4th of July wreath that I am working on and thought I would share how to make it. I first found it on Pinterest at this blog:  Home Crafts by Ali. I have since then seen many different versions. So I took all the ideas and sort of made my own.





Here is what we used:

  1. A 12 inch wire wreath frame
  2. Clothes Pins, I used 80 total (a little over 3 of the 24 packs from Walmart)
  3. Foam Star stickers
  4. Red, White and Blue Glossy Spray Paint

We bought all of these items at Walmart and it cost $24.07. We only used about half of the spray paint though and plan to use it for a future project.




The first thing we did was count out how many clothespins of each color we needed. We ended up with 22 blue, 29 white and 29 red for a total of 80. Then we spread them out separately on newspaper (outside!) and spray painted each color. Then let them dry for several hours.






After the clothespins were dry, we started with the blue ones and clipped them on over the 2 middle wire rows on the wreath. We gathered all the blues together on the left. Then placed the red and white alternately the rest of the way around the wreath to fill the rest up.




IMG_3825   IMG_3826


Last, we took the foam star stickers and used the white and silver ones (we saved the gold ones for another project) and stuck them on scattered all over the blue clothespins.





After that, it was done and we hung it on the front door. It was very easy to hang, we just hung it on the hook on our front door. I think it turned out really pretty and perfect for any Patriotic Holiday!





So there it is! We enjoyed making this, it was a lot of fun and really easy. You can see we had a lot of help from the little guys, so it was sort of a family project! I’d love to hear any comments you have and what craft projects your working on!

Happy 4th of July!



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