On turning 40….

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I turned 40 years old this last Wednesday. I used to look at people who were that age and laugh, thinking it would be so long before I was even close to that age. And now here I am.

Well, I can honestly say it feels a lot different than I used to think it would. I think that each and every thing we go through, whether it’s wonderful and amazing or it’s traumatic and devastating, each situation changes us in some way and molds us and makes us into who we are. We have a choice to make every single day whether we’re going to let trials and problems change us for the good or bad.

I think back on all the big, life-changing events in my life. My high school graduation, meeting my (future) husband for the first time, my wedding day, finding out I was pregnant for the first time, becoming a mother, saying goodbye to my beloved grandparents.  Each and every one of those times have been filled with many different emotions and I have walked away from each situation a different person.

I’m not depressed to be 40, I know a lot of people make fun of turning 40 and how we’re getting old. I have decided that my 40’s are going to be my best decade yet. I’ve been through a lot and grown and I know so much more now than I did when I was 20 and now is my chance to enjoy life to the fullest. I have a wonderful, amazing  husband and 4 beautiful children. I am truly blessed and have so much to be thankful for.






Birthday Cake my neighbors gave me!



Flowers sent from hubby!



Birthday cheesecake from hubby!



Beautiful gift from hubby…you can’t see it very well, but it is a beautiful owl pendant necklace. He really surprised me!




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