The Story of Ferdinand (FIAR)

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I’m a little late getting this one posted, but we finished up Ferdinand around the middle of May with the boys. Our school year was winding down, so momentum wasn’t quite as strong with this one. We still had fun with it, though!




(Please note: this post contains lessons from the FIAR manual AND activities that were added by me.)


The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf, Drawings by Robert Lawson is the story of a bull who only wants to sit and smell the flowers. He has no desire to play with or even act like the other bulls. He ends up getting chosen to fight in the bullfights in Madrid, which is not what he wanted at all. We follow his adventure in the book and learn a lot of lessons along the way!

The story takes place in Spain and so we placed our story disk on Spain. We got out a few of our world atlas books and looked up Spain to learn about the country. We enjoyed looking at one of our favorite books called Children Just Like Me by DK, to learn about what life is like in Spain for children. We also like to check out a similar book called A School Like Mine also by DK, to learn what school is like in Spain. We use these for most of our FIAR books that are in different countries.



The artwork in this book is excellent and very comical. We spent some time looking at the photos and picking out the funniest ones. There is also a funny part of the story when Ferdinand sits on a bumble bee and we spent some time acting that part out…that was really fun!

We also acted out the story using toys. I got up in our attic and found a bull in with our Lincoln Log set. We used Flash’s NFL Teenymates as the audience of the bullfight. The boys really enjoyed this as well!



One day while we were working on Ferdinand, a vulture was in the road right in front of our house! That tied in so well with our Science lesson. We got out our Kids Field Guide, Birds book to learn all about Vultures because there is some in the story and that was one of the science lessons. We were able to watch him for quite awhile, although we didn’t really want to see everything he was doing…let’s just put it this way, he was having his lunch….








On that same morning, there was a turtle traveling through our front yard! The kids had a blast watching him. We don’t know where he ended up at, but the last we saw him he was crawling through our neighbors yard. He may have been trying to get to the lake that is a few roads up from our house.



For a grand finale, we found on  YouTube an old Disney cartoon of the entire Story of Ferdinand! It was so neat, the kids laughed and laughed. It was a great way to end our study. We also found a video on YouTube of a real bullfight in Madrid. I have linked the videos here:

Ferdinand Disney Video

Bullfights in Madrid   


That ends our Ferdinand study, we are moving onto Harold and The Purple Crayon, for a fun end of our school year study!





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