Harold & The Purple Crayon (FIAR)

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This was my last row of the school year with my boys. Sigh…another school year is ending! I saved this one for the last one of the year because it is a very fun and light-hearted book and is rather short in detailed lessons. The boys have almost “zoned” out, so we probably could’ve gotten more out of it if I had tried a little harder. But this mama is also ready for a break!




(Please note: this post contains lessons from the FIAR manual AND activities that were added by me.)


Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson is a really neat book. The description on Amazon says this:

“One evening, after thinking it over for some time, Harold decided to go for a walk in the moonlight.”

Armed only with an oversized purple crayon, young Harold draws himself a landscape full of wonder and excitement.

Full of funny twists and surprises, this joyful story shows just how far your imagination can take you.


I think they described the book better than I could! There are also sequel books about Harold’s adventures, which we have enjoyed a lot over the years.

We started out talking about the Setting. There was no geographical location to focus on with this book, so we talked about how in this story the setting is constantly changing. It starts in Harold’s bedroom and goes all over, anywhere Harold wanted to go. Flash decided that we should place the story disk on China, I have no idea why though!



We went over the Art lesson on Creativity and talked about how fun it is to use our imagination and be creative. Then we went over the Art lesson on City Scenes, because Harold draws a city. I got out a bunch of purple crayons and showed the boys how to draw city buildings. Flash seemed to enjoy this more than Hulk and his turned out really neat. Hulk actually never finished his. I don’t know if any of your kids are like him, but when something frustrates him, he oftentimes does not finish the project. :/





IMG_4058  IMG_4057




Last, for Science we talked about all the ways Harold traveled. We made a list of every way we could think of to travel by land, air and water. Then we checked off which ones we had done before. The boys enjoyed this. We also talked about Survival Skills. Harold ends up at the top of a mountain and we talked about how if we get lost going higher up can sometimes help us figure out where we are at. From there, we started talking about what to do if we do get lost. It was a great reminder for them, especially since we were heading to the mountains for a camping weekend!


Well, that just about finished up our last FIAR book for the school year! We have an awesome list of books we’re going to tackle next year and I’m already working on getting ready! We’re taking about 6 weeks off of school and starting back up the week after July 4th. We’re all looking forward to a break from school for a little bit!

What are your summer plans? I’d love to hear from you!





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