Our Memorial Day Weekend Camping Trip

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We decided about 6 months ago that we wanted to give camping a try. So we did some research and bought the basic equipment we thought we would need. We decided to go Memorial Day Weekend, for 2 reasons. First, we just finished our school year so it would be a celebration of that as well as Daddy already had off work on Monday. We ended up finding a campground that sits at the start of the Virginia Creeper Trail in southwestern Virginia. It was a 3 hour drive from our house and we would be able to enjoy camping on a Christmas Tree Farm as well as biking the Virginia Creeper Trail! Everything was so incredibly green and beautiful! The weather was not too hot and not too cold! Well, maybe a little cold at night being in the mountains! But not the humidity we’re used to in South Carolina for sure!





We headed out Saturday morning and went up some pretty crazy windy mountain roads to get to the campground. We set up our tent and the kids had a blast exploring while we started cooking hot dogs on the fire. We topped it off with S’mores for dessert!


Hulk enjoyed the S’mores more than anyone!








What to do when you forget a spatula for the burgers? Make one! I used a Styrofoam plate, Foil and a branch. It worked great!



We had a pretty good night the first night, considering it was our first time camping! It did start to rain a little during the night and the forecast the next day was rain all day so we decided to wait to bike the trail. We ended up going to Bristol, TN and toured Bristol Caverns, which was really neat and Popstar and Flash got to drive go-karts for the first time! Hulk rode with Daddy and had just as much fun! On the way there, we found a beautiful overlook area and had to stop and take a few pictures! The view was breathtaking.















On Monday we got up and the weather was perfect for biking the trail! Everything went great until Flash’s bike axel broke and we ended up only biking a little over half of the trail, which was about 10 miles. In spite of that, we enjoyed it so much, everything was beautiful! By the way, the Virginia Creeper Trail is a 17 mile mostly down hill bike trail that runs along side an old train route & tracks that used to run up and down the mountain. It was called the Creeper because the trains would creep along up the steep mountain! There were a few of the original stations to stop at along the way.  










We got home very late Monday night and were pretty worn out, but overall we truly enjoyed our adventure and are looking forward to going camping again!



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