How we started Homeschooling

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I always enjoy hearing other homeschool families stories of how they got started homeschooling, so I thought I’d share our story. I honestly never thought I would homeschool. My hubby and I had always been the type to take things as they come and not necessarily plan ahead. When my sister got married, she and her new husband had already made plans on how they would go about raising their children and that included homeschooling. She mentioned to me that I should consider it for our children. At the time, I only had my oldest and she was about a year old. I didn’t give it much thought for a long time until one day I was watching an episode of Oprah.


There was a mom on the show who was talking about her daughter who had been bullied into committing suicide by other kids at her school. When I saw that show and heard that lady’s story, something inside me clicked and from that moment on I knew that I was going to homeschool. Both my husband and I had been subjected to bullying when we were in school and so I already had that in the back of my mind. But to have it get to the extreme that a  young girl would kill herself after some bullies convinced her she was worthless, that just really struck a nerve with me.

So I talked to my hubby about how I was feeling and he, as is his way in everything I feel passionate about, was very supportive and we started praying about it. The more we prayed, the more we felt like it was what God wanted us to do. There are alot of other reasons why we chose to homeschool, the bullying was just what triggered it for me and we knew it was what we wanted for our family.  

I didn’t do much other than read tons of books until our oldest (Popstar) was about 3 years old. By that time, we had another little guy around (Flash) who was a 1 year old. We had moved into a smaller house so that we could afford for me to stay home with the kids.

We didn’t have much space, but we started with a “School Corner” in our living room. We started having “School Time” everyday. I bought alot of workbooks at the Dollar Tree on the ABC’s, Numbers, Shapes and Colors and we would do a few pages each day. From the first day we started, I had such a peace from God that I knew it was what He wanted for our family. I have not doubted this thoughout all the hard days and rough times with the kids. I keep trusting that God is giving me the strength I need to do this amazing job He gave me. Over the years I have become passionate about homeschooling and I love helping and encouraging other homeschool moms.

A friend introduced me to Five In A Row Curriculum and so shortly after we started our “School Time”, I started on Before FIAR with Popstar and Flash. Now that we are so much farther along, I have such fond memories of those days doing Preschool with my little ones. Preschool has to be my favorite age to teach, I guess that’s why. It was so carefree and different than the way things are now that I have 4 kids and there is so much more to be responsible for.

Our third child was born a few weeks after Popstar started Kindergarten and those days were very rough, but like I said before God gave me the strength to keep going. He also gave me such an amazing and supportive husband. I could never have come this far without my Jason. He is my rock and my best friend. He is by my side no matter what I am going through and has supported our homeschool over 100%. I couldn’t ask for a better man, I am truly blessed.

We were so blessed last year by being able to find a larger home and we now have a SCHOOL ROOM!! It was something I had waited and prayed for years for. I am so incredibly grateful for my school room, because I waited so long for it. It makes such a big difference having that extra space.

I have come a long way since we first started preschool with my oldest. I am so thankful for each day I get to spend with my babies. A friend told me once that they were counting down the days until their school year was done for the summer, but honestly I get sad when we come to the end of a school year because that is one more year gone that I won’t get back to be with my kids. I truly cherish the time God gives me with them, even the hard days. 

I would love to hear about your homeschool story! Please feel free to comment.





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