How we started Homeschooling

I always enjoy hearing other homeschool families stories of how they got started homeschooling, so I thought I’d share our story. I honestly never thought I would homeschool. My hubby and I had always been the type to take things as they come and not necessarily plan ahead. When my sister got married, she and her new husband had already made plans on how they would go about raising their children and that included homeschooling. She mentioned to me that I should consider it for our children. At the time, I only had my oldest and she was about a year old. I didn’t give it much thought for a long time until one day I was watching an episode of Oprah.


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Play With Me (B4FIAR)

Play With Me by Marie Hall Ets was the last Before Five in a Row book I finished up with Princess. I don’t have many pictures of this one, she wasn’t very interested in doing anything with this book, which was very strange for her. I  had hoped to visit a pond and that never happened so I’m sure if we had been able to it would’ve been alot more exciting to her.

This story is about a little girl who goes out to the meadow early one morning and tries to get animals to play with her. None of them want to play and so she sits down and is quiet and after that, all the animals come back to her.


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Mile-High Key-Lime Pie Recipe

Sunday night is “New Dessert Night” at our house, and so I have a new Dessert recipe to share with you! It’s a very easy recipe for Key Lime Pie. I got the recipe from Pinterest (I LOVE Pinterest!) on this website: Spark Recipes…Mile-High Key-Lime Pie Recipe. If you are around our family much, you can tell that Daddy LOVES fruit flavored desserts. I have warned him though, that Popstar and Flash have requested to choose the next Sunday night Desserts and so we’re probably going to be in for some chocolate soon!




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Last Day of Soccer!!

Well, soccer season is over for Hulk. (Please remember that my kids all picked their own nicknames for the blog…) He has LOVED soccer so much and I’m really glad we gave it a try. He will definitely be doing it again next year. The league that he was on this year was called Kickers and it was for 5-6 year olds to introduce them to the game and allow them to practice skills. They never really had games, just scrimmages to practice. On the last day, they have 1 parent from each child play and the parents play against the kids. Daddy and Hulk had so much fun! I’m sure this will be something he’ll remember and talk about all his life. I’m so glad they did it that way. It’s a little hard to get good pictures of kids playing soccer, but here are a few.



You can see how incredibly happy Hulk is with Daddy! He loves his Daddy so much and this was really fun for him!


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Arabella (FIAR)

I finally get to talk about a book that Popstar just got done rowing! She has been asking me forever when I’m getting to one of her books. She is finishing up 6th grade right now and she is coming to the end of the Volume 4 FIAR books and just finished Arabella. Her books have taken longer because there are more lessons to go with them as they are geared for older kids. This book had alot of fun things to learn about and we really enjoyed working on it.




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Happy 4th Birthday, Princess!!

It is unreal to me that we just celebrated my baby girl’s 4th birthday! How in the world did 4 years go by that fast? She is such a joy to all of our family and I am so blessed to have her. I thank God every single day for giving her to me. This year she wanted to have a totally pink cake complete with strawberries. It turned out really neat. We even had pink ice cream to go with it! My family all came over to help us celebrate and it was a really fun afternoon.




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Field Trip to SC State Museum

Last week we took a Field Trip with my sister and her kids to Columbia, SC to the SC State Museum. We found out that Homeschoolers get free admission and have been wanting to go for awhile. It was a little over an hour drive to get there, so that wasn’t too bad for us. We had an awesome day! That place was HUGE! It is 4 stories of history, art, science, nature and so much more. It is located inside of an old textile mill. You can check out the history of the building here: SC State Museum




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YEAH Learning Fair/End of School Year Celebration

This year, our Homeschool support group which is called Y.E.A.H. (York Educators At Home) held and end of the school year celebration and Learning Fair. The kids were able to display projects they had worked on. We had 4 projects from our family.

Popstar had two projects, both from FIAR books from Volume 4. One was from The Raft and the other was from Arabella. For The Raft, she made a River Diorama and even included a little boy on a raft in the river. And for Arabella, she made a salt map island complete with a ship in the background. I think I had more fun with these than she did!




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The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and THE BIG HUNGRY BEAR (Preschool)

I finished working on a really neat book with Princess last week. It has a pretty long title: The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and THE BIG HUNGRY BEAR by Don and Audrey Wood .  It is not a Before FIAR book, but it fit really well with strawberry season and we had so much fun with it. The lesson plans and printables were free on, which is one of my favorite homeschooling websites!  You can see them here: The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and the BIG HUNGRY BEAR.




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