Daniel’s Duck (FIAR)

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Daniel’s Duck by Clyde Robert Bulla is a Five in a Row book that I recently finished rowing with my boys, Flash (10) and Hulk (6). This is a great book and we had a lot of fun with it.



(Please note: this post contains lessons from the FIAR manual AND activities that were added by me.)

The book is about a family in the mountains of Tennessee around the late 1890’s. It starts out when Winter is beginning and a little boy named Daniel wants to whittle something out of wood like his older brother does. So he chooses to make a duck and works on it all winter then at the end of the book it is Spring and they all go to the county fair. He learns a lot of things through this book about being an artist, his emotions and being proud of his work.

We learned a little about Tennessee and then focused on mountain life and small town culture. We talked about the long winters and county fairs and what life was like for people in those days being snowed in all winter. Both of the boys said they wouldn’t have enjoyed being stuck in a log cabin for that long! We looked at books about the Appalachians and read stories that take place in the mountains.




For Art, we practiced carving with Ivory soap. It was a lot harder than the boys thought it would be!






For Science, we talked about the days being longer and shorter and we also talked about the Seasons. Both Flash and Hulk said their favorite season is Winter because they can play in the snow, although we don’t get much snow here in South Carolina!

For Bible & Christian Character, we talked about how we need to understand different emotions and how some people cry when they are sad and sometimes when they are very happy. Daniel felt a lot of emotions in the book, so this tied in very well.

Our next book is going to be When I Was Young in the Mountains, which is also about mountain life in the Appalachians so we’ll be continuing with this theme a little while!



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